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Honorable Status of Women in Islam

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The Woman's Affairs

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The Woman's Domain 
From main source: http://muslimcanada.org/sitedex2.htm#books
  1. Love & Marriage they go together like a horse and carriage  . . .(in pdf) 
  2. A World Where Womanhood Reigns Supreme- by a non-Muslim woman (in pdf) 
  3. What is behind the veil?  A tantalizing look . . .   (in pdf) 
  4. Is the sexual assault epidemic really a cause for concern? Here are some sobering statistics 
  5. Muslim Women Speak: My Body is my Own Business   (in pdf) 
  6. Hijab: The View from the Inside 
  7. Muslim Dress and the Hijab - by Akbar S. Ahmed    (inpdf) 
  8. Social Degradation of women - a crime and libel on Islam - by Marmaduke Pickthall (in pdf) 
  9. The Muslim Woman - her rights and duties - very comprehensive  (in pdf) 
  10. Women's Status in Islam  - by Maulana Abdul Aleem Siddiqui (in pdf) 
  11. The Status of women in Islam  - by Athar Husain 
  12. The Status of Women - by Dr. Jamal Badawi 
  13. Men are the qawwamuna of women . . . protectors and maintainers/supporters/caretakers/in charge of women/guardians of women . . .What is the meaning of 'qawwamuna' in the Qur'an? 
  14. Why are British Women Turning to Islam? 
  15. Women in Islam vs. women in the Judaeo-Christian Tradition ~ Myth and Reality - Long (31 pages) but worth reading  (inpdf - 25 pages) 
  16. Are there any Female Jurists Around? 
  17. When mortals act as Gods - An essay on Khula and Lian 
  18. Women and the Hijab in non-Muslim countries after the Sept.11 terrorist attack 
  19. The Hijab Experience of Canadian Muslim Women 
  20. On Muslim Women 
  21. Who is better off -- Muslim Women or Secular Women 
  22. Equanimity Between Men and Women A Speech Given by our President in 1992  
  23. Gender Equity in Islam - by Dr. jamal Badawi [External link entire book] 
  24. Islamic Traditions and the Feminist Movement (External Link)
  25. Family Matters and Family Law 
  26. Sex in Islam (in pdf) 
  27. So you want to get married?  (in pdf) 
  28. Advice to husbands 
  29. Women's Rights in the Islamic Prenuptial Agreement ~ Use Them or Lose Them (in pdf 
  30. Why you need a prenuptial agreement (External Link) 
  31. Dower(in pdf) 
  32. Marriage (in pdf) 
  33. Equality in Marriage (al-Kufv)  (in pdf) 
  34. Infertility in the Qur'an  (in pdf) 
  35. Miscarriage - Causes, Trauma, and the Islamic Approach  (in pdf) 
  36. Biotechnical Parenting (in pdf) 
  37. Artificial Insemination (External Link) 
  38. Masturbation (jima' bil yad) and the Shariah 
  39. Are Birth Control & Abortion Lawful in Islam?   (in pdf) 
  40. A Scientist's Interpretation of References to Embryology in the Qur'an 
  41. The Origin of Man ~ How and When Does Life Begin? 
  42. The rights of parents and obligations towards them  (in pdf) 
  43. Adoption is an Option for Infertility  (in pdf) 
  44. Custody and Guardianship in Islam  (in pdf) 
  45. Establishing Guardianship (Islamic version of 'Adoption' is distinct from Western/Christian concept of adoption)   (in pdf) 
  46. Polygamy? A solution to sexual anarchy!?!  (in pdf) 
  47. Reflections on Muslim Family Issues by Akbar S. Ahmed --  [ (i) The Family (ii) Arranged Marriages and (iii) Muslim dress and the Hijab (iv) polygamy] (in pdf) 
  48. Euthanasia (External Link) 
  49. Divorce (in pdf 
  50. Marriage, Separation, Cancellations, Divorce and Repudiation - The law in a nutshell 
  51. Muslim Personal Law Observations From South Africa
Family Law (Our Campaign for Recognition of Muslim Personal Law) 
  1. What is Muslim Personal Law 
  2. A Word from the President (August 1995) -- Includes a discussion about the historical roots of our campaign 
  3. The Reconstruction of the Constitution and the Case for Muslim Personal Law in Canada (June 1994)   (in pdf) 
  4. The Status of non-Muslims in Islam  A comprehensive review of Islamic teachings on Religious, Judicial, Cultural (in pdf)and Social Autonomy 
 The Islamic Institute of Civil Justice [Darul Qada] 
  1. Information about our struggle 
  2. FAQs on the Darul Qada  
  3. Media Response 2003-04 
  4. A Response and Media Critique regarding The Islamic Court of Arbitration 
  5. The Islamic Institute of Civil Justice 
  6. Why was the Institute Formed?  
  7. Having faith in the law 
  8. Shar'iah courts in Canada, Myth and Reality 
  9. Sha'riah Tribunals 
  10. Ali's interview with 'The Ambition'  -- an interview wth Syed Mumtaz Ali about the Muslim Court of Arbitration  
  11. The Good Muslim/Bad Muslim Puzzle -- Why our president said what he said 
  12. Are Muslim women's rights adversely affected by Shariah tribunals? 
  13. On Justice 
  14. When the Qur'an Speaks, Will Canadian Law Bend? - An American critique 
  15. An Islamic court? Here? Why not? from the Globe 
  16. Muslim group opposes sharia law from The Toronto Star, 2005 
  17. ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) 2 Links: the Boyd report summary, plus a media analysis about our strivings re: ADR 
  18. Sensationalism shrouds the debate on shariaby Haroon Siddiqui 
  19. Is Shariah Incapable of Change - by Sycd Mumtaz Ali
  20. Mcguinty [Ontario, Canada's  premier, 2005]  Does Not Have the Last Word on Faith Based Arbitration
  21. The case for a Muslim Court of Arbitration (Darul Qada)


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