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Honorable Status of Women in Islam

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Islam - Misconceptions

After 911 it has become trendy to criticise Muslim and Islam for all the wrongs in the world, in fact Communism foe has been replaced by Islam. Recent Anti Islam film made in USA is  one of these efforts against Prophet Muhammad [pbuh] and Islam. Though Many misconceptions exist in the West (representing Christianity) about Islam and Muslims, which were deliberately created by their clergy and medieval rulers to disguise the true message of Islam to justify their hostility towards Islam.  W. Montgomery Watt, a Western scholar observed : ‘Among the world’s major religions it is certainly Islam that the West has the most difficulty in approaching objectively. The reason for this are rooted in past history. Because of the crusades in the 12thand 13th centuries many people in the West wanted the religion of Islam to be better known. But the image they portrayed of Islam can quite accurately be qualified as ‘distorted’. Western opinion about Islam and Muslims was based for centuries on the distorted image’, clearly visible in this video:
Some Misconceptions about Women Folk:

Dr Shehzad Saleem
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The stance of Islam regarding certain issues relating to women has remained a hot subject of debate, especially in the last few centuries. Although Islam does not support the basic tenets of the feminist movement, it must be conceded that this movement has served tocreate awareness in the educated Muslim women regarding some of the viewpoints that are presented to them by the clergy under the label of Islam.

Effort has been made to identify the major misconceptions [FAQs] created in the minds of people around the world under the influence of hostile propaganda and provide authentic answers with references from Islamic resources. There is an organised campaign by extremist Christians and Zionists to attack the person of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) through books, caricatures and now a film by US Coptic Christian supported by others anti Islamic groups. These slanders are not new, they have been refuted comprehensively, the links are at the end of index below:  


The Milieu


Dealing Non Muslims-2




  • Why Misconceptions in Islam?
  • Communalization of the Religion
  • The Veil of Interpretation
  • The Obsession with Historical Glory
  • Islam and Muslims
  • Differentiation between Islam and Muslims
  • Islam is a not a Religion of Violence
  • Islam does not Permit Suicide Bombings
  • Why is Islam Considered a Religion of Violence
  • Islam does not Promote War with Enemies
  • Islam does not teach Reaction to its Adherents
  • Islam does not Teach Extremism
  • Islam does not Teach Fanaticism
  • Islam does not Produce an Uneducated Society
  • Islam does not Teach People to be Close-Minded
  • Islam encourages Spirit of Enquiry
  • Islam does not hold Women to be Inferior to Men
  • Islam does not degrade Women
  • Islam does not Teach Violence
  • Islam does not Teach Confrontation
  • Islam does not permit the Over-throwing of Corrupt Islamic Governments
  • Islam does not hold the Gaining of Political Power as a Muslims main Objective
  • The Concept of Peace in Islam
  • Islam is not Intolerant of other Religions
  • Islam does not hold All Non-Muslims to be Kafirs
  • Islam does not deny Religious Freedom to Others
  • All Muslims must not have Four Wives
  • Islam does not hold Triple Talaq as Lawful
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